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Are pests in your home causing you problems? Pest Off is your next step to control and eliminate that pest problem! No matter how serious your pest issues are.

Rodent Control

Why is rodent control important?

Rats and mice carry numerous diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella and gastro-enteritis. As these rodent breed all throughout the year their numbers can grow really fast, therefore you need to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. This is the same for rabbits and squirrels. These two rodents can cause problems to your property and garden too.

Airborne Insect Control

Why is Airborne Insect Control important?

There are a variety of Airborne Insects that can cause you, your property or your garden harm. These insects range from, hornets to flys. Airborne insects reproduce very fast and need to be exterminated quickly to prevent a larger infestation.

Bed Bugs

Why is Bed Bug elimination important?

Like all insects they reproduce quickly, leaving an infestation for a long period of time will prevent a longer and possibly bigger problem. Pest Off are a team of professionals qualified to remove Bed Bugs in a safe manner along with the most effective extermination kit too.


Pest Off is a local pest control business, specialising in the extermination of all pest species across Leicester, Leicestershire and Loughborough. We offer a cheap, affordable, effective and professional pest control service to domestic and commercial residents.

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Most Effective Elimination Kit

Pest Off uses only the best and most effective elimination kit to ensure that your pest problem is controlled and eliminated in a safe, effective and controlled manner.

A Team Experts

Based in Leicester we are a group of trained individuals who offer the best customer service along with a friendly visit.

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Rodent Control

Pest Off staff are all fully trained in the latest rodent control techniques and treatment methods. Where possible or at your request we’ll employ the most humane and environmentally friendly methods of control. We understand the misery that a rat or mouse infestation can cause in your home or business if not dealt with efficiently and effectively.

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Airborne Insects

Pest Off offers a wide range of control substances to control all Airborne Insects that are causing you a problem.

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From Spiders to Cockroaches we eliminate it! We ensure that all insect infestation is eliminate to the most thorough extent, no matter the infestation size.

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I called Pest Off about a small wasp infestation and within hours they arrived and my infestation was resolved within 30 minutes and I haven't had wasps since!

~ Audrey Smith

I had a mice problem in my garden shed, so I called Pest Off and few hours later a friendly gentleman arrived and removed the mice. Definelty reccomend!

~ Clive Waker

Pest Off removed my ant problem in a matter of no time! Pest Off is the best around!

~ Colin Spence

I called Pest Off with a large wasp nest in my attact and hours later the wasps were gone.

~ Lindsay G




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